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Creation of the website

It has taken us quite some time to create this space. We want to make sure that we put together the right space for all. 'Our Services' * Every service is individual to you and your horses needs. * Our costing broken down, equates to $55 per hour and sometimes we both attend and this is at no extra cost. * Depending on where you live will depend on if we need to add fuel to the cost. 'Our Online Shop' ****Watch This space **** 'Our Blog' We are hoping that it will be a place for positive communication currently a work in progress however, we are hoping achieve the following: * Ways to help one another whether it is ways to improve our tack shed or even create a round yard out of nothing - Just lots of ideas. * No idea is a bad one - it's just that , an idea. * This place is a welcoming non judgemental space that you can feel at ease. *Coming soon a range of equine products. * This space is also here for you to help us to help you. Ideas and constructive feedback. 'Photos' * These photos have been taken along our journey. With our clients permission we can share them with you. 'Additional Services' - Details to follow shortly * Animal Reiki * Animal Communication

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